About Me

My name is Ravi Kumar Sapata. I am a product builder, lead Strategies, Products, Messages, & Ecosystems.

At present I am working at IONOS, Europe’s largest domain and hosting provider as Sr. Product Manager helping build their Do It For Me (DIFM) portfolio business.

Indian living in Germany. Lived in Singapore for close to 5 years. 

Core product strengths:

  • Product Visioning/Strategy
  • Business models
  • Value Creation through Product Discovery

My Product Philosophy

I have documented my core product philosophy here:


In fact, I built a community where product leaders share their product philosophies to the world.


I have worked for some of the best product companies from all over the world:


I love geeking out on products from the best minds in the world through my podcast channel:


I love documenting my learnings in my product journey and hence I am an avid blogger. Find my product writings @ https://productlessonsravi.substack.com/

Curious about products and the business around them. Drop me a line at productlessons@gmail.com.

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